Poet on a Mountain Top, Ming Dynasty

March 8, 2010

Click for bigger picture.

This artwork has both a painting and a poem involved.

The translation of the poem reads:
White clouds like a scarf enfold the mountain’s waist
Stone steps hang in space — a long narrow path.
Alone, leaning on my cane, I gaze intently at the scene,
And feel like answering the murmuring brook with the music of my flute.

The poem emphasizes how the poem on the mountaintop is becoming one with nature. He (or she) is on a narrow path and gazing intently at the scene before him (or her). When the poem speaks of answering the brook with a flute, the poet is attempted to communicate with nature.

The emphasis on communication with nature makes the artwork an example of Taoist art, because Taoist’s strongly believe in the human relationship with nature.


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